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PEP四年级上册英语课文及翻译 Unit 1 My classroom A Let’s learn classroom 教室window 窗户door 门  picture 图画 board 写字板 light 灯,管灯 What’s in the classroom?教室里有什么?‎ A board, two lights, many desks and chairs.‎ 一个写字板,两盏灯,许多课桌和椅子。‎ Let’s talk Hello! Mike.           你好!Mike.‎ Hi, Amy. This is Zhang Peng, our new classroom.‎ 你好,Amy。这是张朋,我们的新同学。‎ Mike, we have a new classroom.   Mike, 我们有一个新教室。‎ Really? Let’s go and have a look.   真的吗?我们去看看吧!‎ Wow! It’s so big.          哇!它好大呀!‎ We have 6 new lights.         我们有六个新电灯。‎ Look, this is my new desk.      看,这是我的新课桌。‎ Where is my seat?          我的座位在哪儿?‎ It’s near the door.           在门的附近。‎ ‎ ‎ Let’s say A a ant apple hand B b beef boy ball C c cat cake car D d doctor duck desk E e egg elephant bed B Let’s learn computer 计算机  fan 风扇   wall 墙 teacher’s desk 讲台   floor地板 Look! This is my classroom. The wall is white. The floor is green.‎ 看, 这是我的教室,墙是白色的,地板是绿色的。‎ Let’s talk Good morning! Let’s clean the classroom. 早上好!我们打扫教室吧!‎ Good idea!              好主意!‎ Let’s clean the desks and chairs.    让我们打扫课桌和椅子吧。‎ All right.               好的。‎ Let me clean the window.       让我来擦窗户。‎ Let me clean the board.        让我来擦写字板。‎ Look at the picture.          看这幅画。‎ It’s nice.              它很漂亮。‎ Good morning! Miss White.      早上好!Miss White.‎ Wow! It’s nice and clean. Good job!哇! 又漂亮又干净!干得好!‎ Let’s say F f fish French fries farmer G g girl goose good H h hot dog hamburger hat I i ice-cream ice water ice Unit 2 My schoolbag A Let’s learn Chinese book 语文书    English book 英语书 math book 数学书      school bag 书包 story-book 故事书       notebook 笔记本 How many books do you have?‎ 你有多少本书?‎ I have 6. An English book, a Chinese book, a math book, a notebook and two story-books.‎ 我有6本。一本英语书,一本语文书,一本数学书,一个笔记本和两本故事书。‎ Let’s talk Hi, Chen Jie. I have a new schoolbag. 你好,陈洁。我有一个新书包。‎ Really? What colour is it?     真的吗?它是什么颜色?‎ It’s black and white.       是黑色和白色的。‎ Look!              看!‎ Wow! It’s a panda! How nice!  哇!是一个熊猫!太好了!‎ I have many books. An English book, a story-book, and…‎ 我的许多书。一本英语书,一本故事书,还有……‎ A fat panda!       一只肥胖的熊猫!‎ May I have a look?    我可以看一看吗?‎ Sure, here you are.     当然可以,给你。‎ Read and write J j jeep jacket jigsaw puzzle K k kite key kangaroo L l lion lamp lock M m man monkey mouse N n nose nurse noodles bag 书包  pencil铅笔  pencil-case 铅笔盒 B Let’s learn ‎21—30 twenty-one …thirty ‎31—40 thirty-one…forty ‎41—50 forty-one…fifty How English books can you see?你能看见多少本英语书?‎ One, two, three… Sorry, too many.一,二,三…对不起,太多了!‎ Let’s talk My schoolbag is heavy!  我的书包很重。‎ What’s in it?      里面是什么?‎ Look! 20 story-books, 32 pencils, 8 rulers and 3 pencil-cases.‎ 看!20本故事书,32支铅笔, 8把尺子和3个铅笔盒。‎ Wow! Good !     哇!好!‎ My schoolbag is heavy, too.   我的书包也很重。‎ What’s in it?      里面是什么?‎ ‎10 sharpeners, 42 crayons, 12 erasers and 35 picture books.‎ ‎10个卷笔刀,42支蜡笔,12块橡皮和35本图画书。‎ Thank you soooooo much!   太感谢了!‎ Read and write O o Coke OK open P p pen pencil pencil-case Q q squirrel queue quiet R r rabbit ruler rice book  书  ruler 尺子 pen 钢笔 ‎ ‎ Unit 3 My friends A Let’s learn friends 朋友    long hair长头发   short hair短头发 hin 瘦的    strong 强壮的  quiet文静的 My friend is strong. He has short hair.‎ 我的朋友很强壮,他留着短头发。‎ Who is he?   他是谁?‎ Let’s talk Mom , I have a new friend.   妈妈, 我有一个新朋友。‎ A Chinese friend?       一个中国朋友?‎ Yes.            是的。‎ A boy?           一个男孩吗?‎ Yes. He has short black hair and big eyes.‎ 是的。他有着黑色的短头发和大眼睛。‎ What’s his name?       他叫什么名字?‎ His name is Zhang Peng.    他的名字叫张朋。‎ Look, this is his photo. He’s tall. 看!这是他的相片。他很高。‎ He’s strong, too.      他也很强壮。‎ Read and write S s spoon snake student T t tiger TV teacher U u umbrella under cup V v vest violin van teacher 老师 student  学生 B Let’s learn music 音乐 sports运动   science 科学 painting绘画 computer games电脑游戏 My friend likes music。 我的朋友喜欢音乐.‎ My friend likes sports.  我的朋友喜欢运动。‎ Let’s talk I have a friend.     我有一个朋友。‎ Boy or girl?      男孩还是女孩?‎ A girl.         一个女孩。‎ Who’s she?      她是谁?‎ Guess!        猜一猜!‎ She’s quiet. She likes music. What’s her name?‎ 她很文静。她喜欢音乐。她的名字叫什么?‎ Her name is Amy.     她的名字叫Amy.‎ I have a friend , too. He’s strong. He likes sports.‎ 我也有一个朋友。他很强壮。他喜欢运动。‎ He’s Zhang Peng.    他是张朋.‎ You’re right.       你猜对了。‎ Read and write W w window watermelon walkman X x taxi box six ‎ Y y yellow yo-yo yacht Z z zebra zoo zipper boy 男孩  girl 女孩 friend 朋友 Unit 4 My home A Let’s learn study 书房 bathroom卫生间   bedroom 卧室 ‎ kitchen厨房   living room 起居室 This is my home. You can see s bedroom, a living room……‎ 这是我的家。你可以看到一个卧室,一个起居室。‎ ‎ ‎ Let’s do Go to the living room. Watch TV.‎ Go to the study. Read a book.‎ Go to the kitchen. Have a snack.‎ Go to the bathroom. Take a shower.‎ Go to the bedroom. Have a sleep.‎ Let’s talk Is this your bedroom?    这是你的卧室吗?‎ Yes, it is.         是的,它是。‎ It’s very nice.      它很漂亮。‎ I have a new eraser. It’s a fish.  我有一块新橡皮,它是鱼。‎ ‎ Hey! Your cat.      嘿!你的猫!‎ Is she in the study?     她在书房吗?‎ No, she isn’t.      不,她不是。‎ Is she in the living room?   她在起居室吗?‎ No, she isn’t.      不,她不是。‎ Look! She’s here.     看!她在这儿。‎ She’s in the kitchen。  她在厨房。‎ Read and write home家  room房间  school学校  classroom 教室 B Let’s learn phone 电话  bed 床   sofa 沙发   shelf 书架 table 桌子 fridge 冰箱 Let’s do Sit on the sofa.‎ Make the bed.‎ Watch TV.‎ Answer the phone.‎ Open the fridge.‎ Set the table.‎ Let’s talk Open the door, please.    请开门。‎ OK!           好的。‎ Where are the keys?     钥匙在哪儿?‎ Are they on the table?    它在桌子上吗?‎ No, they aren’t.      不,他们不是。‎ Are they near the phone?   它们在电话旁边吗?‎ No, they aren’t.      不,他们不是。‎ Look! They are in the door.  看!它们在门上。‎ Read and write door 门 chair 椅子 window窗户 desk课桌  bed 床 Unit 5 What would you like?‎ A Let’s learn rice 米饭 fish鱼   beef牛肉   soup汤 noodles 面条 vegetable   蔬菜  juice 果汁 ‎ bread 面包   milk 牛奶 chicken鸡肉 hot dog 热狗    hamburger汉堡包 Let’s talk Dad, I’m hungry. What’s for dinner? 爸爸,我饿了。晚饭吃什么?‎ Wait and see.          等等看。‎ What would you like?     你想吃什么?‎ I’d like some rice and soup。  我想吃一些米饭和汤。‎ What would you like for dinner?  你晚饭想吃什么?‎ I’d like some fish and vegetables, please.  我想吃一些鱼和蔬菜。‎ Everything’s ready.      一切 都准备好了。‎ Thanks.           多谢!‎ Thank you, dad.        谢谢爸爸。‎ Read and write What would you like?你想吃什么?‎ bread  面包 milk 牛奶 egg蛋 water 水 B Let’s learn plate 盘子  knife 刀  spoon 勺子 fork 叉子 chopsticks 筷子 Mom, can I help you? 妈妈,我能帮你吗?‎ Yes. Pass me the plate, please. 是的,请把盘子递给我。‎ Let’s do Give me a spoon.‎ Pass me a fork.‎ Wash the plates.‎ Use the chopsticks.‎ Cut with the knife.‎ Let’ s talk Dinner’s ready! Your forks and knives.‎ 晚饭准备好了。你们的叉子和勺子。‎ I can use chopsticks.   我会用筷子。‎ Let me try.       让我试一试。‎ Help yourself.      请随便吃。‎ Oops, sorry!      糟糕,对不起!‎ Let me show you.    让我做给你看。‎ Mm…Yummy. I like Chinese food. 嗯…好吃。我喜欢中国食物。‎ Me too.        我也是。‎ We had a good time。  我们度过了美好的时光。‎ Thank you。      谢谢。‎ Good night!       晚安!‎ See you tomorrow!    明天见1‎ Read and write rice 米饭  beef牛肉 fish鱼 chicken 鸡肉 What would you like for dinner? 你晚饭想吃什么?‎ I’d like…   我想吃…‎ Unit 6 Meet my family A Let’s learn Hi! Friends, come and meet my family.‎ 你们好!朋友们。请来认识一下我的家庭。‎ family 家庭      parents 父母 uncle 叔叔,舅舅  aunt 阿姨,姑姑  baby brother 小弟弟 Let’s talk How many people are there in your family?   你家有多少人?‎ Three .          三个。‎ Who are they?       他们是谁?‎ Look! My parents and me.   看!我父母和我。‎ My family has seven members. 我家有七个人。‎ Seven?           七个人?‎ My dad, my mom, my brother, my sister, my baby brother and me.‎ 我爸爸,我妈妈,我哥哥,我姐姐,我小弟弟和我。‎ But that’s only six.    但是那只有六个。‎ And my little puppy!   还有我的小宠物。‎ Gee!         噫!‎ Read and write father爸爸  mother妈妈  brother 兄弟  sister 姐妹 B Let’s learn What’s your father?你爸爸是干什么的?‎ My father is a doctor. He’s tall. He likes sports.‎ 我的爸爸是医生,他很高,他喜欢运动。‎ doctor 医生  farmer 农民 driver 司机  nurse 护士 baseball player 棒球运动员 Let’s do Act like a teacher.‎ Act like a doctor.‎ Act like a nurse.‎ Act like a farmer.‎ Act like a driver.‎ Act like a baseball player.‎ Let’s talk Who’s this man? He looks strong. 这个男人是谁?他看起来很壮。‎ He’s my uncle. He’s a baseball player.‎ 他是我叔叔。他是一名棒球运动员。‎ Cool!       好酷!‎ Is this your aunt?  这是你姑姑吗?‎ Yes, she is. She’s a nurse. She likes music.‎ 是的。她是。她是一名护士。她喜欢音乐。‎ Is this your father?     这是你爸爸吗?‎ Yes, he is. He’s a doctor.   是的,他是。他是一名医生。‎ What’s your mother?     你妈妈是做什么的/‎ She’s a teacher.       她是一名老师。‎ Look! They’re my grandpa and grandma. 看!这是我的爷爷和奶奶。‎ They look young. Are they farmers?‎ 他们看起来很年轻,他们是农民吗?‎ Yes, you’re right.    你说对了。‎ Read and write nurse 护士 doctor 医生farmer 农民 driver 司机 I am going to be a …     我想成为一个……‎